Friday, September 7, 2007

"A Thing Or Two About A Thing Or Two"

Here they are, all you CA65 fans:
Tammy Dubinsky's speech notes!

First let me say congratulations to Class 65. You hard work, generally poor diet and lack of sleep finally paid off.
I regret that I couldn't read these at the grad. Tammy, hard working
animator that she is, came to the auditorium moments before the
ceremony started with the below notes in hand. For those who don't know
the back story here, Tammy asked me a few months ago to host the CA 65
graduation ceremony. I agreed to host the events if Tammy would write
my speech for me. She kindly agreed. After all, what else did she have
to do with her final months atVFS - I mean, other than, you know, the daunting task of completing two films? Pshaw...


Given that I was minutes away from co-hosting the ceremony (hey Julia!), I
was not feeling very confident that I could do her speech justice -
going in cold with it and all. Never the less, Tammy's hard work on
these notes is deserving of a read by all of her classmates as well as
all family and friends who shared their year of adventure in animation
(or "animations" as we like to say in front of Moose).
Thanks, Tammy.



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